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Composting - Earth Machine Review
Using the Earth Machine to compost kitchen and yard wastes is quicker and less messy than turning a compost pile.

Make Cheap Houseplants - Dividing & Rooting
Get more houseplants for free from other houseplants! This article discusses dividing dracaenas and rooting pothos - two exceptionally easy plants to propogate and grow.

$50 a Week Food Budget for Four - Planning
How to begin planning a food budget for a family of four based on $50 a week.

Avoid False Thrift - Know When to Spend More
Sometimes you need to be conscious about spending more to save money. Here are a few basic concepts to get you thinking.

Baking Soda Uses - Book Review
A review of 500 Uses for Baking Soda, and how my baking soda experiments turned out.

Beachcombing - Seashore Foraging Tips
Scavenging along the beach can be really productive for those living frugally. Here are the basics on what you can find and how you can use them, from seaweed, sand, shellfish and sea glass.

Belkin Power Switch Review
Review of a simple, fantastic grounded power plug to use in any wall plug or power strip to save electricity.

Build a Stylish Frugal Wardrobe
How to find and maintain an inexpensive wardrobe of clothes that work for you!

Buy a Used Bike and Trailer for Errands
Save a ton of gas money (and wear on your car) buying a used bicycle and child trailer set up for local shopping and errand running. Here are my tips and experiences for buying the whole rig under $100.

Buy a Used Car Cheap
If you need to buy a car, think used. Learn where to look for used cars and how to pick the best one for your budget.

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