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Giving Used Gifts
There are plenty of reasons to buy used for Christmas presents, and only one reason not to: you probably think it looks bad. Here´s why you should buy used gifts and encourage the same from others.

Happier At Home - book review
How to be happier where you are, with what you have. My review of Gretchen Rubin's second happiness project.

Home Cleaning WIth Food - Multipurpose Supplies
Use your food stamps, or rummage around the pantry, to find these multipurpose food products that also clean up around the house.

How to Buy Used Blankets
Best ways to hunt for and find gorgeous, high-end used linens at thrift stores and garage sales.

How To Find A Food Bank
Discover how to find the food banks and pantries in your community. A food box can help stretch your budget, increase your nutrition options, and decrease your stress on how to get by in tough times.

How to Find Free and Cheap Books
You don't have to pay top dollar for books. With a small amount of effort, you can acquire more free or very cheap books than you can read in a lifetime.

How to Find Free Books from Kindle
How to find thousands - even millions - of free books to read on your Kindle, computer or smartphone, and what categories of books you can find. Refresh yourself on the classics! Be your own library!

How to Find Free Fruit
Sometimes you are given free bags of fruit and the race is on to use them before things rot! Here is a primer on how to find those free fruit windfalls.

How to Live in Cars - Book Review
Curious about the extraordinary savings you can set aside if you live in your car and forsake paying rent, utilities and mortgages completely? This ebook has every detail covered. It's an amazing look at extreme frugality.

How to Look for Quality Used Cotton Sheets
Thread count is all the rage these days, and you can buy new sheets for absurdly high thread counts, for absurdly high fees. And while a high thread count does ensure a good feel (if finer cottons are used), you won’t make a long-term bargain out of the expense.

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