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Improve Winter Indoor Air Quality
In the wintertime, things are generally chilly to downright cold, keeping you indoors, with the windows and doors shut! This is a good time of year to focus on creating a healthy indoor environment.

Inexpensive Power Inverter for Cars
This inexpensive car outlet power converter can recharge and power all your small electronics while traveling, camping, or in in extreme frugal or catastrophic situations. Here is my review.

Laundry Room Money Saving Tricks
Tips for saving money in the laundry room! Take a look at saving money before you wash, at the washing machine, and when it comes to use the dryer.

Lemon and Citrus Leaves - Foraging and Uses
Foraging for citrus yields more than uses for fruit and rinds. Learn to make tea, cook with and craft with leaves from lemon, oranges and other citrus trees.

Living Simply - Book Review
Here is an excellent ebook with lessons on decluttering your home and office, living with less and being happy with a more simple lifestyle. Read my review for details!

Make a New Frugal Thanksgiving Tradition
Every year on Thanksgiving we expect the turkey, the trimmings, the pies and overflowing drink. What if you can't afford to do it this year? Here are tons of alternative, and maybe better, ideas.

Make a Pizza Box Solar Cooker
The most frugal way to create your own pizza box solar oven.

Make Money Collecting Scrap Metal - Case Study
Foraging for metals of all kinds - aluminum, steel, brass, copper (even copper wires) and old coins, can help you add an easy extra income to your savings jar. You get to spend time outside, get some free fitness, and do your community a service by cleaning up your local area.

Meal Plans from the First Week of the $50 Budget
How to combine your staples for the first week of frugal menu planning. The parameters are using $50 for four people (two adults and two school-age children) - obviously a very tight budget!

New Uses for Old Clothes
What can you do with old clothes that are not good enough to donate?

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