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Ten Easy Ways to Keep Cool Without AC
Here are some basic concepts to help you lower summer cooling costs by putting off the massive energy usage of your air conditioner for as long as possible.

Ten Ways to Re-Use and Re-cycle Plastic Bags
Learn ten easy and smart ways to reuse those plastic grocery bags before recycling them for good.

The First Week in a $50 Food Budget for Four
A one week menu plan for a family of four in tough times.

Time to Shine - Solar Book Review
This isn't the best book for frugalists or homesteaders in general. It's about solar energy, but is more of a short technical textbook than a how-to on saving money through solar energy.

Underground Guide to Living Frugal - Book Review
This is a 99 cent frugal living ebook that is worth several times its cover price. It's a Kindle download you can read free from your laptop, desktop computer, smartphone or Kindle reader.

USB Hand Warmer Computer Gloves - Review
Warm, cozy, fingerless gloves that run off USB power. This pair has an image of Pooh Bear on them, even though they are for adults. Low watt USB heating devices save you money! This is a part of the low-watt heat bubble warming system I am working on.

Using Less Electricity - My Case Study
Want to use under 400 kWh of electricity a month? Here are my notes on trying to get my electric use count to this small goal. Even if these ideas don't work for you, there might be a tip or two in here you can adapt for your own family.

What to Expect at the Food Bank
Don't be nervous about entering a food bank for the first time. It's okay to be new to it, and no one there is going to judge you for needing help. What to expect when you visit a food pantry.

Wild Food Foraging in Urban Areas
Chill out with a refreshing beverage foraged from your backyard and neighborhood, and scavenge free salads and spices for your dinner. Here are a few things you can easily find, for example, in the city of Los Angeles.

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