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Insect Control for Citrus Trees
When bugs attack your citrus trees you need to get rid of them. Instead of buying poisonous pesticides to spray onto your tree, why not use a safe alternative to insect control.

Arum italicum
Commonly known as lords and ladies, the Arum italicum is a wonderful bulb plant to grow in flower gardens. Plant them in the spring for a beautiful show.

Attracting Birds During the Winter
Now that we have time to think and plan for next year's garden, we should take in consideration our bird friends.

Basil in the Garden
You can grow your own basil, eliminating the need to buy herbs at the store. Some herbs are hardy to grow outdoors all year long, while others you may want to grow outdoors during the summer and take indoors when the weather turns cold.

Berry Shrub Varieties
Berry shrubs are wonderful to grow in your yard. Depending on the type of shrub you choose the fruits thay produce can provide food for for people, birds and other wildlife.

Bricks in the Garden
Instead of buying new bricks, you can reuse old bricks. For some projects, it doesn't make a difference whether you remove the mortar from the old bricks or leave it on. Bricks are functional, especially when they are used around the garden area.

Bug Control
This article is a continuation of pest control in the garden. Gardening season is upon us, along with hungry bugs. Here are some helpful solutions to a pesky problem.

Christmas Wreaths and Mistletoe
Christmas season is one of cheer and traditions. The Christmas wreath and Mistletoe are part of those yearly traditions. Do you know why? Read further and find out.

Collecting Angelonia Seeds
The Angelonia is also known as the summer snapdragon. Gather the seed from the Serena series so you can plant them again next season for more beautiful flowers .

Crocus, the Sign of Spring
The snow is almost gone and the crocuses are blooming. A certain wonderful sign that spring is practically here.

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