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Starting Pepper Seeds Indoors
You can buy peppers already growing at the local greenhouse or nursery, but their choices are often limited. Many times, they don't have the pepper varieties that I want to grow. Instead of being forced to buy what they have, I like to buy my pepper seeds and start them indoors.

Stuffed Green Peppers And Canned Pickle Recipes
Garden recipes from my mother's recipe box.

The Christmas Tree
The Christmas season is upon us. Filled with tradition and symbols, the Christmas tree is a big part of the celebration. Let's look at what the evergreen tree really means.

The Illusion of Yard Space
If you have a tiny yard, there are some things you can do to make it look bigger.

Things to Do In March Before You Garden Outdoors
If you want to plant a garden, now is the time to really start planning and buying seeds. It is easy to start seed indoors, so the plants will be ready to grow outdoors when the soil warms.

Tips to Growing Using and Keeping Herbs
With the cold weather, it's time to gather the herbs you planted in the garden. but, once you pick, gather, and transplant them in a pot, it is helpful to know how to grow, keep and use the herbs for your winter cooking pleasure.

Tomato Plants
Tomato season is coming. Here are some of the more popular varieties that we used to sell at the greenhouse when I worked there.

Types of Bird Houses
Building a bird house is easier than you think. By following a few simple tips, you can have the best bird house on the block.

Uses for Plastic Mulch
Plastic mulch works for well in many types of gardening projects. Okay, we all know that organic mulch is better for the ground because it breaks down and adds nutrients to the soil, but there are exceptions.

Vegetable Gardening Tips
If you are planting a garden again this year, there are some things you should keep in mind while your garden is in the planning stages. By making a few changes, you will have a better, more productive garden.

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