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Planting Fall Flower Bulbs
Fall is approaching, so now is the time to begin thinking about what you want to plant in your fall flower bulb garden. By planting the bulbs in the fall, you will have beautiful flowers in the spring.

Planting Strawberries
How can you plant a new and productive strawberry bed? In many attempts to keep a strawberry bed, this is what I have discovered that works the best.

Plants to Soften Walkways
If you have pathways or walkways, you can plant some plants to help soften the ground around that area. These plants will also help keep the ground from being a muddy mess to walk across.

Potted, Live or Artificial Christmas Trees?
The Christmas season is upon us and many of us have our trees up or picked out. If you have chosen a live tree this year, maybe you could consider buying a potted Christmas tree.

Propagating Ribus Nigrum
In this particular article, we will tale about propagating Ribus nigrum or more commonly known as black currants

Propagating Variegated Dogwoods
Variegated dogwoods are beautiful trees. If you want to grow them in your landscape, but don't want to spend the money at a nursery, they are easy for the average home gardener to propagate.

Propagating Wisteria
You can grow wisteria quite easily from cuttings. If you live in the northern states, the Blue Moon wisteria is said to survive temperatures down to -40 degrees.

Protecting Raised Beds Against Frost
Fall has arrived and it is time to think about protecting your plants and maybe extending the season just a little longer. There are some ways to do this. Whether you are protecting a raised bed or a ground level garden, the ideas will work for either.

Pruning Tomato Plants
Pruning trees and vines is done without a thought, but how about your tomato plants? Well, you should prune the indeterminate tomato plants if you want your plants to be healthy and produce better fruit.

Purple Flowers
Purple is a beautiful color that mixes well in the garden. If you like the color of purple, here are some suggestions that you can plant for an all purple garden, or to plant among other flowers for a purple color.

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