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Preparing Your Home For A Hurricane
Hurricane season will be here very soon. With that in mind, it's time to begin preparations if you live where the storms are possible. Doing everything possible to protect your home now, will allow the focus to be on the safety of your family when a storm is headed your way. It is important not to

15 Tips to Conserve Water
For most people today, every month along comes another water bill. For some, sewer usage and charges are tagged on to that water bill which can make it fairly high. Learning to conserve water

A Good Time to Buy Appliances
Now is a good time of year to buy appliances. With the holiday sales upon us, many stores are offering deep discounts an anything from refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, etc. With energy prices on the rise and people paying more in their utility bills, it is wise to look at energy efficient applian

A Lesson Learned
There is always something that comes along in life that will end up frustrating us because we should have known better. We could have, should have and would have done the right thing, but for some reason or other we didn't follow through. When this happens, it hopefully will be a lesson learned tha

About Mobile Home Loans
Do you have enough funds to finance the purchase of a mobile home? If not, then you need not worry. You can apply for a mobile home loan which will give concrete shape to your mobile home dream.

About The Making Home Affordable Program
Are you struggling to keep up with your mortgage payment or know someone who is? For anyone who is finding it difficult to pay their mortgage, it is imperative that they find out as much as possible about programs that are being introduced to ease the burden. The government has recently added new

Affordable Housing - Think Prefab
Many people are downsizing when purchasing a home. The days of the MacMansion's has come to an end. People who purchase prefab homes are from all of the social classes and have different interests. There is no specific group of people who purchase prefab homes.

Appraisals are used in every real estate transaction where financing is involved. Here's what you need to know about appraisals.

Are You Planning on Upgrading Your Home?
Are you planning on upgrading your home this year? The longer you own a home, the more likely it is that, at some point, it will require upgrades. Styles change, surfaces get worn and we simply get tired of the same design features year after year. When upgrading your home is in the planfor the i

Attics: Remodeling and Renovations
Space may be the final frontier, but at home, people see that there are limitations and must make do with what is available. If the house is getting small, there are ways to make it look bigger and perhaps doing some attic remodelling and renovations may be the answer.

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