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Vegetarian Alfredo Pasta Sauce
Try my Vegetarian Alfredo Pasta Sauce with Parmigiano (Parmesan) and Asiago cheese. Simple and fast, this Italian recipe will become a favorite in your kitchen.

Venetian Carnival Fritters Recipe
Venetian Carnival Fritters or "Fritole Veneziane". Find the recipe for the typical bite-size sweets served all around Venice during Carnival.

Vitello Tonnato Recipe
Vitello Tonnato, sliced veal served chilled in a creamy tuna and capers sauce, is a classic summer dish in Italy, especially at Ferragosto. And once you try it, you'll want it all year around.

What Is Gelato?
What is gelato, who invented it and what makes it so unique? Find out the difference between ice cream and italian gelato.

Williams-Sonoma Rome Cookbook Review
Williams-Sonoma Foods of the World: Rome, book review. One of the cookbook series "Authentic Recipes Celebrating the Foods of the World" with authentic Roman recipes, well explained and easy to follow. A must-have for all Italian food aficionados.

Zampone with Lentils Recipe
Zampone or cotechino served with lentils is what most Italians eat for dinner at New Year’s Eve. Zampone is a stuffed pig’s foot which has been deboned and filled with ground pork meat and rind mixed with spices, while cotechino is a large size sausage filled with the same type of mixture.

Zeppole - Italian Fritters Recipe
Zeppole are a type of Italian fritters very popular for festivities like Christmas and Saint Joseph.

Ziti al Forno - Baked Ziti Recipe
This baked ziti recipe is easy and it can be prepared in advance, even the day before, and then simply reheated for a few minutes before serving.

Zucchine Trifolate - Saute Zucchini Recipe
A very simple recipe for zucchini, a vegetable that is often considered "boring", but very nutritious, versatile and tasty as well when prepared the right way.

Zuppa di Ceci - Chickpeas Soup Recipe
Chickpeas, aka garbanzo beans, are very healthy and wonderful to prepare in many different ways. In Italian they are called "ceci", and the classic way to eat them is in a soup, called "zuppa di ceci".

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