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Martial Arts Quotes
Quotes are always a fun thing to explore, here are some fun quotes found on various sources online and various people’s signatures that pertain to Martial Arts.

Martial Arts Represents at Parade of Nations
Did you watch the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics? If you thought you saw Judo or Taekwondo a lot last night, you were correct. In fact, of the 204 countries that joined the Parade of Nations, 29 of them had flag bearers competing in either of those two sports. Find out informatio

Martial Arts Training Does Not Make You a Fighter
Just because you train in Martial Arts, are you automatically a fighter? No. Find out why not.

Martial Arts Training Tip - Wandering Eye
One of the main mistakes that I often see from new Tai Chi students is what we call in our school the "wandering eye". It´s easy to spot if you´re watching the student perform but one of the harder habits to train out of someone.

Martial Arts Uniforms
Uniforms are an important part of Martial Arts.

Martial Arts Year in Review -- 2006
Take a moment as we begin a New Year to review 2006 in Martial Arts.

Meditation and Martial Arts
Meditation is a great supplement to your Martial Arts training. Read on to find out why and some tips as to how to get started today!

Michael Jai White
Meet Michael Jai White, Martial Artist - Actor - Teacher. You might recognize him best from one of his most popular roles as Spawn.

Mixed Martial Arts
A brief introduction to Mixed Martial Arts and a discussion around some of the controversy surrounding it.

MMA Sanctions - Good Business or Bad Influence?
As the UFC continues its journey to become sanctioned in more places around the world, we take a moment to review the controversy.

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