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The long and short of a bow stance
One of the most common stances in Chinese Martial Arts is the bow stance. Come learn a bit more about what a bow stance is in this article.

The Martial Arts in MMA
Has mixed martial arts lost its Martial Arts roots? Or are we on the cusp of something new?

The Martial Arts of Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes
These days Martial Arts and action movies go hand-in-hand. But in both the Iron Man series and Sherlock Holmes movies, the power and intricacy of one particular style is captured brilliantly.

The Martial Arts Relationship - Courtship
Experiencing Martial Arts is a lot building a relationship. The first in this series will explore the initial phase I like to call the "Courtship".

The Martial Arts Relationship - Honeymoon
Continuing a series of articles. A Martial Arts relationship goes through many stages and grows over time. This part covers the "marriage" and "honeymoon" to Martial Arts.

The Mental Study of Martial Arts
Martial Arts is about more than just punches and kicks, forms and sparring, it involves the study of the mind as well. It is about the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Theodore Roosevelt and Martial Arts
martial arts, judo, famous martial artists, theodore roosevelt, us president, jujitsu

Timing in Martial Arts
Working on your timing is critical in Martial Arts. Here are some areas to focus on to perfect your timing.

Tips for Martial Arts While on Vacation
Are you planning a trip soon and worried you´ll miss out on your Martial Arts Training? Here are some helpful tips that can help keep you sharp.

Tips to Becoming a Martial Arts Teacher
At some point in every Martial Artist’s career, the student progresses to the teacher. Here are some pointers to becoming a great teacher.

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