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Five Elements in Martial Arts
The five elements are an important aspect of Martial Arts, especially for those practicing in the Internal arts. Learn more about what they are, what they represent, and how they appear in Martial Arts.

Gain More By Training Outdoors
Ever considered taking your Martial Arts training outdoors? If you haven't, you may want to consider all you're missing. Read on here.

Game Review Kinect Fighters Uncaged
The new Xbox 360 Kinect game Fighters Uncaged touts to give players a MMA experience. But does it live up to what it promises?

Game Review Kinect Your Shape Fitness Evolved
Can you imagine a video game that could help with your Martial Arts? The reality might not be far off. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is the first step into seeing some interactive Martial Arts in action. But does it live up to what it promises?

Getting ready for a new Martial Arts School year
Summer is passing by quickly and soon your young ones will be off to school again. As we head towards the last month of summer, it's a great time to talk with your kids about starting Martial Arts in September.

Ghost Techniques in Martial Arts
Ghost techniques are one of the most powerful and beautiful applications to learn in Martial Arts. Understand its subtle power and some examples.

Gim - Martial Arts Weapon
One of my favorite weapons, the gim is a beautiful long sword used in many Chinese Martial Arts styles.

Good Competition Protocol - Martial Arts
But achieving good protocol and etiquette is not only important in your development as a martial artist, it is an easy object to maintain.

Guinness World Record for Most Tai Chi Performers
On August 8, 2009, China entered the Guinness Book of World records again for having the most people performing Tai Chi at once.

Happy Holidays
Wishing you a Happy Holidays from the Martial Arts site. Don´t forget your Martial Arts training this holiday season!

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