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Internal vs. External
If you've been following the 'What Is...' series for Martial Arts, you may be wondering what does it mean to be an Internal or External art. Find out more about the distinction and why they are both important in your training.

Introduction to Weapons in Martial Arts
Weapons play a big part in many different styles of Martial Arts. Each weapon has a unique history and special techniques associated with the item.

Ip Man - Movie Review
Movie review for this modern legendary Martial Artist who lived during a time of great turmoil in Chinese history.

Iron Fan - Martial Arts Weapon
One of the beautiful martial arts weapon, the fan or iron fan can flick deadly force with the grace of a dance.

Is a National Martial Arts Program Feasible?
The Iranian government is sponsoring a program that is helping to train 3000 women in Ninjutsu. Could this program be a herald for what is to come in other countries?

Is Chen Zhen real?
Anyone who has watched Fist of Fury or Fist of Legend will be familiar with the main character, Chen Zhen. But is he a real person?

Jackie Chan to Retire
Could it be true? The great Jackie Chan will no longer be doing martial arts films?

Jealousy and Martial Arts
Inevitably, at some point in your training, you´ll be faced with the evil green-eyed monster of jealousy. Here are some tips to overcoming them.

Keanu Reaves – the next Martial Arts icon ?
Keanue Reaves is set to produce a new Martial Arts movie. Is he the next Martial Arts icon? What do you think?

Keep the momentum going
One of the hardest things to do in any activity, be it work or sports or Martial Arts, is to maintain the momentum. This article provides some tips to keep your energy going.

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