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Kicks and Martial Arts
One of the distinguishing characters of Martial Arts from other fighting styles, such as fencing or boxing, is kicks. They are by far not one-dimensional, stick foot forward and hit. Find out more here.

Laws of Motions and Martial Arts
Martial Arts is more than just a way to punch or kick. You can apply science to the Arts and gain a better understanding of your techniques. In this article, we briefly cover the most basic Laws of Motion from Physics.

Love your Body Shape with Martial Arts
Can anyone practice Martial Arts? Yes, you can! Don't let what shape you're body is in stop you. Read on here...

Major Earthquake Hits Home of Karate
On March 11th 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake struck just northeast the coast of Honshu, Japan. Japan is home of several styles of Martial Arts, including one of the first to break into the Western world, Karate. This earthquake is devastating in the trifecta of impact it has had.

Make Martial Arts Part of Your New Year
It’s not too late to still firm up your New Year’s resolutions and make Martial Arts a part of it all!

Marital Arts and Religion
In traditional Asian Martial Arts, you find predominantly three schools of thought that were the primary influences upon its inception: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.

Martial Artist to Carry Olympic Torch
Mitchell Allen at the young age of 18 has a lot to look forward to... none the least of which is getting to carry the Olympic Torch today!

Martial Arts and Breast Cancer
Here is my own experience with Martial Arts and fighting my mother's breast cancer. This is an article that is part of the October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Martial Arts and Eating
When one is training in Martial Arts, it’s important to remember not only the physical aspects of your activity on the ring but off the ring as well. In particular today I’m going to talk a bit about eating proper.

Martial Arts and the Internet
A view of how Martial Arts and the Internet have evolved together.

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