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Tutoring Incentives - Math
Math requires practice, practice, practice, and there is no reason you can’t have fun at the same time. Check out these incentives.

Converting Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Mixed numbers entered the chamber booth and exited as improper fractions to aid in the task of subtracting mixed numbers. Click to see how it all works.

Find All Factors
A sure way to find all factors of a number using prime factorization.

Math Fun - Math Tricks - Reviews
I have found two books I think would be fun to incorporate into any math class or an excellent addition to your library or your child’s library.

Math Riddles and Rhymes by Tang
Books of math riddles and rhymes,and brain teasers by Geg Tang.

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
Are you one of those parents who become frustrated trying to explain how to solve word problems? Well, you are not alone. The book, Animal Word Problems Starring Addition and Subtraction, shows the reader step by step how to analyze the problem. Plus,learn a few animal facts in the process.

Algebra - Combining Like Terms
Brief review and examples on how to combine like terms

Algebra - Reading and Writing Activities
Algebra out loud, a teacher’s treasure, filled with lessons and examples to incorporate reading and writing activities in Algebra. All activities are suitable for any secondary or college classroom.

Amount Saved? Any 2 or More
It sounds like a good deal, but how much do I save? or I wondered what percent did I save. Let's take a look at the sales offer, "Any 2 or More for ..."

Arts and Crafts - Math
What child does not like to do art? Two educators share how children can learn math through art in their everyday world. This valuable resource includes art projects for ages three to six year olds.

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