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How to Multiply
After the multiplication facts are learned, the next step is to multiply larger numbers. Let’s look at several methods including the Lattice method.

How to Round a Number
How to round whole numbers plus several examples

How to Simplify Expressions
A straight forward approach to simplifying expressions

How to Work Word Problems - Book Review
Many students do not like Math word problems. They cannot seem to translate words into the language of math. Yet, there are many opinions on how to work word problems. Learning Express does a thorough job of getting their point across and is worth reading.

Integer Practice Problems - Addition
Review and Practice Problems for adding positive and negative numbers

Integer Practice Problems - Subtraction
Great idea for a warm up exercise for Subtraction of Integers

Integers - Adding Integers
Straight forward explanation of adding integers.

Integers - Multiplication and Division
Multiplying and dividing integers is easier than you think. Take a look.

Integers - Subtracting Signed Numbers
Subtracting positive and negative numbers

Integers- Positve and Negative Numbers
A fun way to look at integers. We begin by meeting the two family members.

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