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Fatal Decree Review
A serial killer returns to Longboat Key, FL after twelve years drawing Matt Royal, Jock Algren, and J.D. Duncan into an investigation that could cause any one of them to lose their life.

Fatal Error Review
When a cyber stalker breaks the heart of a former collegue, Ali Reynolds must prove her friend is innocent of the stalker's murder. But first, Ali must find the missing woman.

Fever Dream Review
A Pittsburgh trauma expert is brought in to treat the only survivor of a bank robbery gone wrong, setting off a chain of events that nearly costs him his life.

Fiber & Brimstone Review
Memory Mine owner Carmela Bertrand and her friend Ava are working on a giant monster puppet for a Halloween parade in New Orleans when a friend of theirs is accused of murder. Carmela and Ava are convinced their friend has been framed and set out to prove he is innocent.

First of State Review
This first-rate prequel to the popular CJ Floyd mystery series brings fans up-to-date on how CJ got started in his career.

Fortuna Review
When Stanford grad student Jason Lind joins a simulation role-playing website based on Renaissance Florence, he stumbles into an addictive online power game that soon spills over into real life with potentially deadly results.

Found Review
A friend of J.D.'s who died a year ago appears to have resurfaced at the same time that an elderly man is murdered and his friend goes missing. On top of that, someone seems to be after J.D. and Matt as well.

Frame-Up Review
When Michael Knight's best friend is murdered, Michael becomes involved in an international art fraud that could lead to his own demise. Frame-Up brings back the dynamic law duo first seen in Neon Dragon.

Geezer Lit is Older than You Think
The term geezer-lit has become a popular new genre in recent years, but is it really new?

Getting Lucky Review
As a freelance writer seeks to complete an investigative report for a local newspaper after a reporter is killed in a hit and run, she soon finds she may be next.

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