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How I Write - Secrets of a Bestselling Author
Here is your chance to get into the mind of bestselling author Janet Evanovich to find out how she does what she does.

How to Spot Lies Like the FBI Book Review
How would you like to know who the liers are in your life? This book will show you how!

I Am Not a Cop Review
The famous TV detective Richard Belzer, aka John Munch, searches New York City for his missing friend as he also must keep his filming commitments and fight off the Russkies in this rolicking first novel.

I Hear the Sirens in the Street Review
DI Duffy finds himself in a troubling investigation of a torso found in a suitcase as he also struggles with romance and powerful men who will do anything to stop Duffy from solving his case.

I’ll Never Let You Go Review
TBI Agent Alex Morgan looks into a savage attack that hints of ties with a Nashville P.D. detective. Four years ago Leah was stabbed 32 times by her husband who later died in a car crash. Morgan barely gets a chance to delve into the case when his main target is killed by 32 stab wounds.

Idyll Threats Review
After the death of his partner, Thomas Lynch takes a job as chief of police in Idyll, Connecticut to get away from the big city. He also has a deep secret he hopes his detectives don't find out; their new boss is gay.

Image of Deceit Review
When Bygie Hudson's husband was murdered Bygie was not only the chief suspect, but during the investigation she found out her husband was into far more than just selling cars.

In Her Sights Review
When Jefferson County's lone female SWAT sniper saves the Governor's daughter, her picture is splashed across the front page of the newspaper with potentially deadly results.

In the Moon of Red Ponies Review
Now living in Missoula, Montana, former Texas Ranger Billy Bob Holland hangs out his shingle as a lawyer and becomes involved in a bigger case than he ever expected.

In the Morning I'll Be Gone Review
A year after his shocking demotion followed by his ouster from the Royal Ulster Constabulary, former Detective Inspector Sean Duffy is recruited by MI5 for a special mission.

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