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Phantom Evil Review
Paranormal investigator Adam Harrison sends six new team members to NOLA to investigate the sudden death of the wife of a popular state Senator.

Piercing the Veil Review
In this paranormal suspense, court reporter and law student Anne Marshall finds herself with an unexpected sidekick as she attempts to prove the defendent in a high profile divorce case is hiding assets in an offshore account.

Plum Deadly - Book Review
Unjustly accused of stealing money from an important client, New York banking executive Maggie Grady returned to North Carolina to help her Aunt Clara with her Pie in the Sky bakery and café, while she also attempts to clear her tarnished name.

Poisoned Ground Review
A small Blue Ridge Mountain, Virginia community is shocked by the murder of a well-known area couple, presumably due to a vicious battle for their land led by a powerful development company.

Postcards from the Dead Review
As scrapbooking shop owner Carmela Bertrend waited her turn to be interviewed by news reporter Kimber Breeze, she was shocked to suddenly find Kimber hanging from the balcony with a rope around her neck.

Prime Time
Television reporter Charlie McNally unexpectedly becomes involved in a murder investigation that could save her job, if she doesn't first lose her life.

Real Murder Review
More than one decades-old disappearance keeps Prosecuting Attorney Joshua Thornton and Homicide Detective Cameron Gates on their toes. An extra cook in the kitchen doesn't help either.

Red Cell Review
Two CIA outcasts who are assigned to a low level out-of-the-way think tank end up playing an important role in a clandestine opt involving China's top secret military weapon.

Red Dahlia Review
DI Anna Travis is back with a brutal case, while finding herself running out of time before another young woman becomes the next victim.

Red, Green or Murder Review
Bill Gastner was enjoying a day at the ranch of his friend Herb Torrance when a series of unexpected situations ultimately ended in murder.

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