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S is for Silence
Kinsey Millhone heads out of town seeking to solve a 34-year-old cold case, and hoping to provide closure for a troubled woman.

Sail of Stone Review
A grandfather and father disappeared decades apart leaving a family with many questions. In the meantime, a detective investigates a domestic abuse complaint although the victim refuses to cooperate and has now disappeared.

Sara's Game Review
When Sara Winthrop's children are taken from their schools and held hostage, she must jump through hoops by playing an intense game mapped out by the kidnapper if she ever wants to see her children again.

Saving Laura Review
Lee Shelby robbed the town's most notorious cocaine dealer in order to ultimately rescue Lee's former girlfriend who got caught up with notorious, and dangerous, Tom Tucker.

Scones & Bones Review
A search for a missing treasure connected with the infamous pirate Blackbeard leads Theodosia on a quest to stop yet another murder while finding a possible new love interest.

Second Sight Review
Blind psychic Sherry Moore's world is turned upside down when she unexpectedly gains the ability to see. When given the choice of retaining her sight or regaining her psychic abilities, which will she choose?

Secretariat Reborn Review
Christian Roberts wants to honor his dying father's wishes, but his knowledge and experience with horse racing puts him at a disadvantage when he is dealing with unscrupulous players.

Secrets and Lies Review
When Rose Phillips turns up dead in her kitchen, little do those around her know the secrets that are about to come forth; especially her son.

See Also Murder Review
Marjorie Trumaine had enough on her plate with a farm to run, a husband who was blind and paralyzed due to a farm accident, and a dire need for an influx of money. Unfortunately, she also had to deal with neighbors who were dying unnatural and unexpected deaths. Would she and her husband be next?

Sentimental Me Review
Insurance fraud investigator Charles Stone heads off on an assignment that he believes is a piece of cake. Little does he know it could end up costing him his life.

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