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The Bomb Maker's Son Review
Attorney Parker Stern is surprised when a fugitive from justice who is on the verge of arrest for planting a bomb that killed several people years ago asks Parker to represent him.

The Button Man Review
Hugh Marston, head of security at the US Embassy in London, is asked to protect a famous movie star couple while they are filming in England. Unfortunately, they disappear soon after, leading Hugo on an intense search before its too late.

The Case of the Missing Servant Review
Vish Puri, India's Most Private Investigator, deftly solves several cases with the help of his eclectic undercover staff in this debut international mystery.

The Chocolate Cupid Killings
When chocolate shop manager Lee Woodyard finds her Aunt Nettie standing over the body of a dead detective with the murder weapon in her hand, Lee takes action. Soon the women find even their own husbands are keeping secrets in this delicious whodunit.

The Cold Cold Ground Review
Tension was high in the Spring of 1981 in Belfast, Ireland. The hunger strikes were in full force as were the riots, bombings and Protestant vs Catholic clashes. Sean Duffy, a young, Catholic detective was charged with finding a serial killer who was targeting gay men.

The Cold Dish Review
Two years after a high-tension rape case decision allowed four young men to go free, it appears that someone is executing their own brand of justice.

The Colorado Kid Review
When an unidentified body is found on an island off the coast of Maine, an unlikely trio dig into the mystery. Master storyteller Stephen King pens a provocative and gripping tale.

The Daemon in our Dreams
Three strangers in three different parts of the world each has three nightmares. The three then embark on the same trip to India with unforgettable results.

The Devereaux Legacy Review
Leah Devereaux stands before a gravestone that shows her two parents, her grandmother, and Leah, herself, died thirty years ago. Only two died in the hurricane off the coast of South Carolina. Leah is determined to find out why she and her grandmother are also listed.

The Devil's Necktie Review
Former NYPD narcotic chief Jack Bertolino, now living in Las Angeles, was contacted by a former confidential informant who needed his help. He reluctantly consented and ended up in a fight for his life.

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