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NiGHTS : Journey of Dreams - Wii
A long-awaited sequel to "Nights into Dreams" for the Sega Dreamcast, "NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams" has a similar theme to its predecessor. The main character, NiGHTS, is an acrobatic being who flies around a dreamscape battling creatures of nightmares.

Nintendo GameCube Online
It´s been quite a while since XBox Live and PS2 Online brought fun multiplayer to those systems. In the meantime, the Nintendo GameCube has 2 hard to find adaptors, and only one game - Phantasy Star Online.

Nintendo Hangman, Word Search
Take a break from your hectic day! Come play some fun games of hangman, word search and word scramble - all involving terms in the Nintendo universe!

Nintendo Newsletter Updates
Do you love Nintendo games? Be sure to sign up for our FREE newsletter that provides reviews, updates, news flashes and much more about the world of Nintendo!

Nintendo Revolution Becomes Wii
In a move that has gamers around the world howling in despair, the Nintendo naming gods have inexplicably renamed the next console - the Revolution - to Wii. You pronounce that "we", apparently.

Nintendo Revolution Update
The next version of Nintendo´s console after the GameCube is code named Revolution. Learn more about the progress of this much better multiplayer-enabled system.

Nintendo Revolution Update - Mar 2006
The XBox 360 is flying high. The PS3 will be out soon. What is the status of the Nintendo Revolution?

Nintendo Walkthrough Index
New walkthroughs are being loaded weekly, and the existing ones are always under revision! Be sure to let me know if there´s a game you´re interested in.

Nintendo Wii and Legacy Games
One of the best features of the Nintendo Wii console is that it can play vintage games. With online downloads, you can reach back through thousands of games - back to the origins of Nintendo!

Nintendo Wii Channel List
The Nintendo Wii main interface is designed based on channels. You have boxes to choose which channel you want to use.

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