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Nintendo Wii Console Review
The Nintendo Wii is the most inexpensive of the current generation of gaming consoles. At only $250, it provides motion sensing controllers and 480p graphics.

Nintendo Wii Graphic Quality
The Wii is part of the next generation console trio along with the XBox 360 and the PS3. Just how does its graphics compare?

Nintendo Wii Release News
The Nintendo Wii will be released on November 19, 2006. This makes it the last of the 3 main consoles to release its new version. It is also the cheapest!

Nintendo Wii Sports Game
The launch title with the Nintendo Wii is the Sports pack. This set of five different games includes baseball, tennis, bowling, golf and boxing.

Nintendo Wii U Console
The Nintendo Wii U Console is finally a Wii which stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3. It offers HD video and can still play old-style Wii games as well.

NintendoLand - WiiU
NintendoLand is a typical launch game for a new console - it features a wealth of mini-games that help to show off the capabilities of the Wii U controllers and system.

No More Heroes Wii
A game made by Suda 51, the game maker behind the cel-shaded rail shooter Killer 7, No More Heroes reflects its creator's desire to push boundaries and innovate as much as possible. However, does that mean it stacks up as a game by itself?

Nyko Wii Remote Charge Station
The Nyko Wii Remote Charge Station is a way to keep your Wii remotes charged without going through 800 batteries in a row. The unit is a mixed bag - I'm reviewing this after 3 years of use.

Odama - Samurai Pinball
At first glance, Odama seems like a combination of quite disparate ideas. You´re playing pinball - but your board is a real time strategy game with infantry, cavalry, towers and rivers. You use a microphone to issue orders, too!

Official Nintendo Wii Wheel
Really, this is simply a plastic circle that you stick your Wii remote controller into. It is solely about hand feel, about feeling a "wheel" in your hands as you drive. That being said, it is REALLY helpful!

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