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Trauma Center : Second Opinion
Remember the Operation game of your youth? Trauma Center is like an online, graphic version of that - with puzzles, too. You need fast fingers and a sharp mind to save your patients.

Turok Evolution GameCube
Turok Evolution for the GameCube is rated M for Mature - but ten year olds play it. Learn more about this dinosaur-killing game and why it's an intriguing mix of styles.

Two Player on the Nintendo Wii
Almost all Wii owners have an interest in being able to play multi-player Wii games with family and friends in their home. What do you need in order to play with others?

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
If you love adventure / gathering games where you go from level to level killing enemies and gathering up items, then Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a great game to get!

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 : Bush Rescue
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue for the GameCube picks up where Ty left off. You've got an Ausssie-style Tiger on platforming style wild adventures.

Viewtiful Joe 2 - GameCube
In Viewtiful Joe 2, you get to play either Joe or Sylvia as you take on various enemies in a side-scrolling movie screen. Fast forward or slow down time to solve the puzzles!

Viewtiful Joe GameCube
Viewtiful Joe is a fun game which has you play a person trapped in a movie, side scrolling along forward and backwards through time. Slow down and speed up to achieve your objectives!

Warioware : Smooth Moves
I think the WarioWare games are brilliant. They are short, great fun, perfect for all ages, and incredibly inventive!

Wave Race : Blue Storm
Like fun sports action? Wave Race : Blue Storm brings fun jet-ski wave riding to the Game Cube with gorgeous water graphics.

Weather Forecast on Wii
It's not just a game system! The Nintendo Wii now has full weather forecast ability. Look at tomorrow's weather, a five day forecast, or even full global weather conditions.

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