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Ikaruga : Old-school space shooter action with a new look
Ikaruga is a remake of an arcade game of the same name. See what extra modes have been added and how good this game is.

Internet Browser on your Wii
Starting January 26, 2007, your Wii can surf the internet on your wide screen TV! This is great in theory, but a little hard to use in practice.

James Bond : Agent Under Fire
The James Bond series has done very well in its conversion to computer games. How well did Agent Under Fire do on the GameCube?

June Site-of-the-Month :
A site that´s ALL about Fighting game, with the one thing that lacks in so many of them: real, organized character bios!

Just Dance 3 Calories / Heart Rate
We ran tests of Just Dance 3 Wii with our Polar Heart Strap and monitor set. Just how many calories do you burn for dancing a single song?

Just Dance 3 Downloadable Song List
If you're addicted to Just Dance 3 for your Wii, make sure you check out the collection of songs you can download! They're fairly cheap, and can add hours and hours to your dancing fun.

Just Dance 3 Fitness Challenge
If you're looking to get fit or lose weight, Just Dance 3 is ready to help! Their Fitness Challenge mode keeps you energized and enthused at three different goal levels.

Just Dance 3 Medal List
One of the joys of playing Just Dance 3 is collecting all the medals. Here's the list of medals, and some tips on how to get them!

Just Dance 3 Review
Just Dance 3 for the Wii solely tracks a single controller in one hand while you dance along to a collection of songs. As simple as it might sound, it's actually quite a lot of fun!

Just Dance 3 Song List and Tips
Just Dance 3 for the Wii has some great songs in it. Sometimes they can be quite challenging to get 5 stars on! Here's the song list and a few of my tips for success.

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