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Leela Meditation Game
Leela is a very exceptional game - it's a game that helps you learn meditation, stress release, and calm. The type of game we can all appreciate!

Leela Silent / No Speaking Meditations
The Leela Silent Meditations are actually no speaking meditations. They do have the option of a variety of sounds and visuals to play while you do your meditation.

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 Wii
I admit it. I adore the Lego games for the various franchises. We played all the way to 100% in the Lego Harry Potter game and had a blast doing it. Here's why!

Lost in Shadow Wii
Lost in Shadow for the Wii is an intriguing game that has you adventure as the shadow cut off of a young child. It reminds me much of Ico, with its quiet, moody atmosphere.

Luigi's Mansion on GameCube
Luigi´s Mansion let´s Mario´s little green buddie shine in a battle to cleanse a haunted house of ghosts.

Mario Golf Toadstool Tour GameCube
Mario Golf Toadstool Tour for the Nintendo GameCube is a fun game that involves a variety of real golf decisions. Wii owners should be pleased to know that it plays well on the Wii as well!

Mario Kart Wii
Mario Kart Wii is the latest release in a long line of very popular games. You can play with friends, play online, and race in teams or alone. It is really quite fun and addictive!

Mario Party 7
If you´re looking for multiplayer fun for your GameCube, the Mario Party series is a sure winner. Between the board game and minigames, there´s something for everyone!

May Site-of-the-Month : Kirby's Rainbow Resort
One of the best, most devoted Kirby sites in the world!

Mega Man X Collection GameCube
If you're a fan of Mega Man, then the Mega Man X Collection gathers up the first six Mega Man games in one easy to use group!

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