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Apple iPad vs. eBook Readers of Today
One critic of e-Ink stated that eyestrain had little to do with a surface being back-lit or reflective. I strongly suspect that this critic is not an avid reader as the glare from my screen causes me to see blurry after a prolonged length of time.

Apple's iPad Loosing 30% Market Share
Predictors say that 148 Million iPads will be sold by 2015. Predictors are also expecting Apple to respond to the pricing competition by releasing entry level priced models.

APPs for the Election ~ A Must Read
Election day and voting is a privilege. Voting is meaningful so be sure to vote! Here are some APPs you might be interested in.

Are PDAs Still Around?
Smartphones have largely taken over the handheld computing space, yet PDAs are not completely extinct. There are still those using PDAs for personal and work functions.

Are U APP Ready? Small Business Need To Be
Small businesses need to get involved with the Smartphone revolution in a big way. Talking to small business owners I hear phrases like, ‘my customers do not use smartphones’ or ‘I do not own a smartphone.’

Audio Books ~ Try One Today
Audio books add theater to the written word. Reading the story and having a story read to you are different in many aspects.

Authors Should Consider eBook APP's
Everyone that is in business will be in some type of APP this year. I personally want to be in some semblance of control as to what APP’s and how I am actually represented. How you present yourself will inspire someone to purchase and read your eBook.

Become A Pioneer & Blaze Your Trail
Blaze your business trails to find gold. . .Become a pioneer today!

Black ~ A Book Review
A fast paced story of evil and rescue, of alternate realities, of pursuit and death. When a terriost plot is uncovered by Thomas Hunter all are surprised that he has learned many facts from his dreams. Can he stop the deadly attack that is coming to the entire world? Can his dreams be trusted?

Blackberry Z10
Overall, the Blackberry Z10 is a good first smartphone for their new OS and UI, but because there is nothing outstanding in the smartphone itself it would be hard to recommend getting rid of an Android or iPhone. But those coming from existing Blackberry smartphones, they will be please with this n

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