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Definitions Made Simple
The definition of computer is important because all smartphones are actually tiny computers inside a cell phone that is being used as a PDA.

Do You Text?
In the US it is estimated that 93% of all phones (known as a dungeon phone) have the ability to send/receive text messages. In addition, these phones are turned on at all times.

Droid vs Android
Android Mobile Phone Platform is open source and independent developers have taken hold of this treasure and exploded. Google chose to allow the free market to drive their development and product and the results are strong and compelling.

E Ink and the Future
E Ink and EPD's gave eBook Readers a boost forward. Previous eBook Readers strained the eyes while today they provide a pleasurable reading experience. However, eBook Readers are not the only application for E Ink and EPD's.

eBook & APP Club ~ August 2010

eBook & APP Club ~ July 2010
I thought about what I could do with the Book Club available on Bellaonline and writing the article about eBook APP's I realized that I could cover not only books but APP's in our monthly book club.

eBook APP's
Since reviewing eBook APP’s I contemplated using my smartphone for eBooks. I downloaded 10 eBook APP’s and found them extremely user friendly. The eBook APP’s have all the features found in an eBook reader.

eBook Lawsuit ~ Consumers Win!
What does this mean for the consumer? According to The Amazon Kindle Team, the settlement will bring lower prices for the consumer on Kindle books in the future.

eBook Lending
Libraries are seeking ways to enter the mobile market. This past September Amazon turned on their Kindle for 11,000 local libraries to lend eBooks to their customers.

eBook Reader & Eye Strain
Reading on an eBook reader using e-Ink technology is just like reading paper. Reading requires good lighting and proper font size to ease eye strain. Reading on a tablet is a whole new challenge. Many young adults say they do not get eye strain. This is just not true.

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