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Free Publicity Through Offering Classes
Publicity is a beautiful thing, especially when it's free. Did you know if you do it right publicity will find you? It's all about making yourself an easy target for it. Today we'll talk about an easy and fulfilling way to make that happen.

Frying Sauce to Boost your Dishes Flavor Profile
There's nothing like a great sauce to bring out the flavors in your foods. When cooking for your clients, it's important to not only be on target, in budget and memorable... you want your dishes to be irresistible too. One way to accomplish this is by using great, flavorful sauces in your cooking.

Garlic Cream Cremini & Greens Sauce Recipe
I'm always looking for new ways to get the most flavor and nutrients in my food and the food I serve to others. Recently, I had an onslaught of mushrooms to work with and was compelled to create dishes that showcased them. Here's one of my applications for creminis.

Gourmet Oil & Vinegar Salad Dressing Recipe
Oil and vinegar is the mainstay of many a salad dressing. It's really not a hard thing to make for your clientele. You've got your basic 1 part vinegar to 2 parts oil, salt, pepper and there you go, but there's got to be a better way, right? Here's how I tweak the old standard.

Grabbing New Tools - The Pancake Puff Skillet
I'm a sucker for indigenous spices, recipes and cookware. It's just my thing. When I find unique items, I wanna get'em and learn not only what they're used for, but most importantly, how I can innovate new uses to suit my whims. Today I'm bringing you one of my new finds: The Paniyaram Chati.

Grow your Personal Chef Business with Apprentices
There are many positive things that can come out of offering apprenticeship programs in your personal chef business. Here's how you can gain the most from it and why you'll want to do it as soon as possible.

Herbed Veggie Cheese Spread
There's nothing better than to have on hand ready made items of culinary convenience. It'll shrink a major project down to minor size in no time. Here's a recipe I like for a convenient spread that's great on crackers, bread, mixed in with pasta or as a tasty addition to a rich, creamy soup.

How Sharp Are Your Knives - Knife Safety
One day I made a real bonehead move. I cut myself really bad while slicing an onion and not paying attention to the positioning of my hand. First time it happened and a lesson I'll never forget. Here's what I learned.

How To Caramelize Onions
Sometimes I have to remember to refer to the basics like 'how to caramelizE onions' to help take you through my tried and true methods of creating flavorFUL nutritious meals. I'm an onion freak and I think by the time you're finished reading and implementing these techniques, you will be too.

How To Make An Ice Bath
Ice is an amazing substance that has many uses, therapeutically as well as culinarily. In this article you'll not only learn the importance of your ice bath, but how it will boost your foods' nutritional value, increase refrigerator life, save you time and increase your profits.

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