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How To Make Dill Oil - An Herbed Oil
You can never have too many options when you're wanting to make your best culinary impression. One of the ways to do this is by having the right set of condiments on hand to finish off your dishes and get folks talking for years to come. Let's talk herbs and oil! Today the topic is dill oil.

How To Make Fresh Coconut Milk
Coconut milk is a wonderfully rich addition to meals sweet and savory, but when you get it out of a can, it can give you a lot more than you bargain for. Discover a simple method of making your own, for you and the dishes you make for your clients. In this article, you will learn a quick 'how to'.

How To Preserve Vegetable Colors
Food is a glorious thing. It can be packed full of flavor and nutrients, but when prepping foods for your clients it has to 'look' good too. Here are some great tips to stay on top of the color of your fruits and veggies.

How To Set Up Craigslist for your Business
Using Craigslist to boost your business has its pluses along with its minuses. It can be a great resource and vehicle when used properly. It holds no credibility for some while others swear by it. Here's how you can get started using 'Craigs'.

How To Store Your Kitchen Knives
Knives can get very pricey as your tools of the trade. There are a few things you want to keep in mind when storing them to get the most out of them, preventing blade damage, while keeping you and yours safe. In this article you'll learn the best ways to store your knives.

How To Use Facebook To Build Your Business
Facebook has a multitude of uses, building your business is one of them. Use it right and reap the rewards. Use it wrong and you could get banned! Get your timely tips here.

Ideas for Your Staple Food Items
Being prepared for whatever comes your way is highly underrated. It keeps you from being caught on the wrong side of opportunity. Here are a few simple tips that will keep your pantry full, your creativity flowing and your clients calling you back for more.

Ideas On How to Use Vietnamese Coriander
I just got back from my [un]local nursery, where I and my boys went on a vertical gardening foraging trip. I found, much to my surprise, Vietnamese coriander, amongst other things. Loved the smell, but didn't really know what to do with it. Here's what I found.

Inspiration For Your Personal Chef Business
Starting your personal chef business this year? Find out what an inspired non-chef did to start his restaurant; from nothing, in an UNBELIEVABLE amount of time. Trust me, you're not going to want to miss this story. This new year's theme is: "Make The Move!"

Kalijira Rice Product Review
Every personal chef has to have a good list of ingredients and their uses in their knowledge base. I always look at new things to try out to keep my menus new, fun, cutting edge and still practical. This week's review is on a 'tiny' rice called Kalijira. Here's what I have to say...

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