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‘300 Miles to Heaven’ a film review
The film tells a true story of escape of two teenagers who wish to improve life conditions of their family. Great acting, wonderful music and an amazing story of children who oppose the reality they live in. Certainly worth watching!

‘Zurek’ soup recipe
This sour soup is known in Poland under various names, however, it is one of the most traditional dishes of the country. It you visit Poland, you must try it – especially that restaurants serve that soup in bread. But you may also try to cook it yourself.

12 Christmas Eve dishes
It is Polish tradition that during Wigilia (Christmas Eve dinner) 12 dishes must be served. Among them many contain cabbage, mushrooms or poppy. The article will give you some ideas which dishes one can choose for this special evening.

A history of Krakow for everyone, a book review
It is hard to read about the history of the city if there are many details provided. The book that I would like to recommend provides historical facts together with legends and interesting stories on Krakow. It is fun reading it and the book is available in English.

Academy of Mr Kleks – a film review
The film about Mr Inkblot and the students of his school is one of the most popular Polish movies for children. The story takes us into the world of fairy-tales while marvellous songs entertain the young and the old.

Adam Mickiewicz, great poet of two nations
This poet of Romantic period is thought to be one of the greatest writers in Poland and in Lithuania. His works were influenced by the country’s situation and his interest in history. Mickiewicz encouraged his nation with works that described the time when it was strong and independent.

All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day
During the two days the Poles celebrate bank holiday that gives time and opportunity for contemplation. Especially important, during this time, is remembrance to all those who died. Visitors to cemeteries embellish graves with flowers and candles.

Anna Jagiellonka – king’s wife
Queen Anna was the last member of Jagiellon family. When her brother died, leaving no successors, there were plans to proclaim her the king of Poland and crown her together with her husband, that would be chosen by Polish nobles.

Astonishing Polish cemeteries
The most known burial places are situated in Warsaw, Krakow and Zakopane. They feature astonishing architecture and great people who have been buried on them. Those cemeteries are ranked among the most precious monuments of Poland.

Baczynski, poet and soldier
This young man was talented poet and soldier in one. Although his adolescence was rushed by the break out of WW II, he also left poems full of hope and joy over life. One of the most gifted poets of Polish occupation sacrificed his life to ideas that he believed in.

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