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Polish weather – Spring and Winter
The weather may be very tricky. But it is good to know what we may more less expect, before planning the trip to Poland. Winter and Spring are the first months of the year. The article will allow you to get to know their most important features.

Polish weather – Summer and Autumn
Summer and Autumn are totally different when it comes to the weather in Poland. The first one brings a lot of sun and lots of joy to children that enjoy their time off school. Autumn charms us with its beautiful colors that are visible on the trees.

Polish wedding traditions
The weddings might seem alike for the guests and at the same time exceptional for a newly married ones. Probably each nation has more or less unique traditions that are celebrated during the wedding or reception. And so does the Poles have their wedding traditions.

Political parties in current Poland
Short lesson about Polish political scene. The article introduces three most popular parties in Poland. A good introduction to those who want to get to know not only about culture and landscape of the country but also its political rulers.

Potato pancakes recipe
One of the simplest traditional meals among Polish cuisine are potato pancakes. You can make them in a savoury or sweet way, with sauce or simply with sugar. You do not need a lot of time to prepare this delicious meal.

President and trade unions
This man proves that there is no need for years of studies and education to become the most important person in the country. He did not need expensive campaigns to win the presidential election and did not spend years in politics prior to becoming president of Poland.

Ruthenian (Russian) Dumplings recipe
The Russian style dumplings are very popular among the Poles and are also one of favourite meals of visitors to the country. As the recipe for the dumplings is very easy, you may try to make them yourself at home.

Saint Faustyna and the Divine Mercy
Helena was born in a poor numerous family of Kowalskis. She felt the vocation in her early years. In spite of serious illness and poor education, Faustyna richly described her mystic experiences. Apart from the diary, Faustyna is also associated with the depiction of Divine Mercy.

Santa Claus versus Saint Nicholas in Poland
Santa Claus name translated into Polish is 'Swiety Mikolaj'. Few people reckon, however, that this Polish name is actually a name of a real saint who would give secret presents to people. Therefore Santa comes to Polish children twice.

Sarmatism in Poland
The belief about ancient origin of Polish nobility created unique version of Baroque style. Sarmatism influenced painting, clothes but especially culture of nobility in the country.

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