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Sauerkraut with beans recipe
sauerkraut, dish, Christmas, beans,

Savouring Highlanders’ culture in Zakopane
The area nearby Polish mountains is a place where the folk tradition is still alive. You can still see there inhabitants dressed in folk costumes attending Sunday mass while the restaurants prepare for the visitors show – consisting of folk music and dances.

Screened histories of famous Poles
You can read many books on famous Poles but there are also couple of films that portray important persons from Poland. Although they usually do not cover their all life – they might be a good start in getting to know more.

Seksmisja, one of the best Polish films ever
When one hears that the movie is science fiction, it might bring to mind pictures of robot and strange creatures. But Seksmisja is a cult Polish comedy that gained respect among audience and critics. It is a satire at communist regime.

Short man, great deeds.
When in 12th century Polish kingdom was divided into provinces, ruled by princes of Piast family, its citizens hoped for reunion. Dreams of the powerful king who would gain the rule over the whole country were fulfilled by prince Ladislau the Short whose stubbornness led to reunion.

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Silence, a film review
This movie, although it is not a documentary, tells a story based on real events. ‘Silence’ is dedicated to one of the most known tragedies in the Tatra mountains that took place in 2003. An avalanche killed a group of secondary students from Tychy.

Silesia region,
Silesia region,

Slavic goddess and Spring
Marzanna is a Slavic goddess that would be indentified with death and Winter. Slavs, missing Spring sun and being desperate for good harvest season, would drown the effigy of the goddess to arrange proper welcome for Spring. This custom is still celebrated in schools and kindergartens in Poland.

Sportsmen who make Poland proud
Each medal, record and sport achievement seems to heal inferiority complexes of the Poles. If there is no sportsmen who is good at given discipline right now, the Poles endlessly sigh when talking about those from the past.

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