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St Jadwiga, the only female king of Poland
The life of Jadwiga, saint and monarch of Poland, is admired by the Poles. Her goodness and charity work was rewarded with canonization in 1997. Although she lived only 25 years, she influenced people through her deeds and donations.

Stereotypes about the Poles
Many countries have probably numerous stereotypes about the Poles. However, very often they do not match with reality or at least with what the Poles think about themselves. Where is the truth then? Probably somewhere between.

Superb Polish castles
Various castles are spread all around the country. Some of them feature only remains, while others are fine examples of gothic, renaissance or baroque architecture. The trails, such as Eagle Nests or Piast Dynasty Castles, acquaintance the tourists with those architectural masterpieces.

Swedish Deluge
When Zygmunt III Waza became the king of Poland nobody suspected that he would cause the conflict between Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Sweden. Many years later, when one of his sons ruled Poland, the Swedes decided to use the weakness of the country and invade it.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko, international hero
Kosciuszko is thought to be the hero of Poland, United States, Lithuania and Belarus. He fought for Polish independence as well as he helped American colonies in fight with Great Britain. However, it was French revolution that shaped his political and social view.

The best of Polish cities.
Collection of cities worth visiting during your stay in Poland. Basic information on Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Torun and Gdansk. The cities presented in the article rank among the most precious sites of the country.

The best Polish cartoons
Polish bed time stories for children would bring the audience into the world of imagination, animals or naughty children that always happily get out of troubles. The period of the best Polish animated series was between 1960 and 1980.

The biggest tragedy of post war Poland
Thed day of 10th of April 2010 will be for sure one of the most tragic days in Polish history. The presidential plane crashed in Russia, killing almost 100 people. Among the deceased there was President of Poland with his wife and many other.

The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler
The movie is based on history of Irena Sendler, a courageous woman who saved 2500 of Jewish kids. It is surely worth watching, although some parts of it might bring disappointment. For sure the film is a great lesson of history and human will and courage.

The Debt, a film review
The movie shows a real story of two young men who became victims of psychological tormenting. Their dreams of opening their own company, and attempts to gather funds, led to the situation in which they feared for their own lives.

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