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The Decalogue - a film review
Krzysztof Kieslowski is one of the most acclaimed Polish directors. It was the Decalogue – series of films corresponding with the Ten Commandments – that brought him international success and recognition.

The first capital of Poland
Gniezno is connected with the legend that explains the beginnings of Poland. Its name, deriving most probably from the Polish word ‘nest’, is associated with the white eagle that composes the emblem of the country. Gniezno was the seat of first Polish rulers.

The great families of Poland
There are many family names that still remind of powerful families that used to rule Poland or had strong influence on its politics. The most known families were two dynasties that ensured many successful hereditary rulers for the country.

The Grunwald Battle
The battle between Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania is one of the biggest in Medieval history. It helped the Poles and Lithuanians to defeat the Teutonic Order Knights. 500 years later the memory of the battle was brought back with hopes of reviving the country.

The history of Polish anthem
Dabrowski’s Mazurkas, as the Polish anthem was initially called, was created in Italy among Polish Legions that fought during Napoleonic Period. They believed that support towards the leader of France will help them to gain independence. This patriotic song was their encouragement.

The holiest site of Poland
The most important shrine of Poland is situated in Jasna Gora monastery in Czestochowa. The site is connected with icon of Virgin Mary – called Black Madonna – to which many miracles are attributed.

The king who stopped Turkish invasion
Jan III Sobieski is one of the most famous Polish kings. He is especially popular due to his military talent and success in battles with Ottoman Empire. As he believed he is protecting his country and faith, he was also believed to be Catholicism protector and savior.

The legend about Krakow dragon
The legends are the most popular information for tourists visiting a given city. Poland, as most of the countries, has its own legends, as well as its own dragon. The story of Wawel Dragon and shoemaker Skuba is known all around Poland.

The legend of Pan Twardowski
Magicians are very often characters of folklore tales and believes. Pan Twardowski is a Polish legendary sorcerer who is believed to have outwitted the devil. His person, most probably based on real individual, inspired numerous poets and novelists.

The Little Beans – children’s idols
Fasolki is the name of the band that performs songs for children. The group, created in 1980s, has its strong position in the history of Polish music for the youngest. ┬┤The Little Beans┬┤ songs entertain the next generation which is familiar with their music.

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