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The one who moved the earth
Mikolaj Kopernik (known outside of Poland as Nicolaus Copernicus) was born in 1473 in Torun, today’s Poland. He was a mathematician, lawyer, economist, doctor, translator… and above all he was a great astronomer.

The Poles get married!
For many people Polish weddings might seem exceptional – not only because of the amount of vodka that is drunk throughout the night but also unique tradition that it involves. Learn what to expect from the Polish wedding and reception.

The Red Guitars – Polish Beatles
One of the most popular Polish bands of 1960s is ‘Czerwone Gitary’. The band played rock pop music and their style resembled ‘The Beatles’. Many of their songs became the classic of Polish music.

The Salt Mine in Wieliczka
Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most precious tourist sites of Poland. In recent surveys it was pointed out as one of the wonders of the country. Despite its long history, it still amazes all the visitors with long tunnels, chapels and salt sculptures.

The story of priest Jerzy Popieluszko
His story is remembered by whole nation as he was not only a priest, but also a fighter. During the times of Communism he taught not to hate our enemies, even when we are oppressed and persecuted. Many people awaited his beatification to happen.

The Valley of Five Lakes
One of most beautiful places is situated in Polish part of High Tatras and is still easily accessible by most of the tourists. The Valley of Five Lakes offers beautiful nature and wooden mountain shelter to rest in.

Things that Poles do...
There are many customs and traditions that are unique for the Poles, while foreigners would consider them strange or understandable. As soon as you learn them, you will not feel a stranger among citizens of Poland.

Torun, city of Kopernik and gingerbread
The city is among the most beautiful places of Poland. Its historical center astonishes its visitors. However, among the Poles Torun is known as the hometown of Copernicus and the place where delicious Torun Gingerbread is made.

Tradition of building Ways of the Cross
During Easter Holidays the Poles celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. To give themselves to meditation they visit churches and take part in Passion Plays to go through the final hours of Jesus. They build special chapels that remind of the last events in life of Christ.

Traditions of Christmas presents in Poland
Tradition of Polish Christmas differs depending on the region. Some people believe in Saint Nicholas (or its American version – Santa Claus) while others believe it is the Star, Child Jesus or Father Frost bringing presents under the Christmas Tree. Read more to get acquainted with the traditi

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