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Trail of the Eagle’s Nests
The trail that has been described in this article, leads around one of the most beautiful areas of Poland called Jura. The castles, former fortresses, situated high on the rocks remind eagle’s nests. They enchant the tourists with their romantic remains.

Tricity at the Baltic Sea coast
Tricity consists of three Polish cities situated along the coast at the Baltic Sea. Each of them is of different size and architecture, providing different ambience and sights worth visiting for the tourists.

Veit Stoss, talented artist of Polish Gothic
Every epoch has artists that changed the face of art (or given style) in a certain place. The same was with Polish Gothic carving that could not imagine better artist than Veit Stoss. His works remain the greatest medieval pieces of art ever.

Volyn tragedy of 1943
World War II was for Poland not only Nazi occupation but also the need to face pre-war conflicts over the shape of its borders. Nations that used to live within one homeland, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, started to fight for their independent existence.

Warsaw – history and modernity in one
Warsaw can easily compete with other European capital cities. Modern and developed Polish capital provides its citizens good standard of living. In Warsaw, however, one can still feel the past that shaped its history and architecture.

Warsaw Uprising of 1944
One of the most important events for Poles within the WW II is the Uprising. It was the expression of hopes and dignity, however, it brought mass casualties and great loss to Polish capital and its heritage.

Where the bisons stroll...
The immense primeval forest is situated in the east of Poland, in Bialowieza National Park. The protected area offers its visitors extinct species of plants and animals. Among them the most popular are the Oak of Jagiello and European Bison.

Wigilia - Polish Christmas tradition
On the 24th of December Polish families gather at the table to hear the Gospel about birth of Jesus Christ, share Christmas wafer and eat 12 traditionally served dishes. Wigilia is surely one of the most important events in Poland.

Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, extraordinary man among us
One of the greatest people – at least according to me – of present Polish history is Wladyslaw Bartoszewski. His incredible biography would amaze everybody, especially that he went through all the changes that Poland went through.

Wroclaw, capital of Silesia
One of the most beautiful cities of Poland, Wroclaw, becomes more and more popular among tourists. Growing number of visitors is especially encouraged by development and investments that embellish that place. Historic centre and small dwarves became hallmark of Wroclaw.

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