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Minorities in Poland
Although Poland is believed to be mono-cultural, there are ethnic groups that inhabit the country since ages. Their ancestors arrived to Poland in search of better life. Although they do not form strong communities, they still keep and their culture.

Miracles of Saint Jadwiga
Saint Jadwiga of Poland, the only female king of the country, is especially known for her pious life that is said to include numerous miracles. This young woman is one of the most important saints in Polish culture.

Monte Cassino, Polish pride in Italy
When visiting Italy many Poles do not forget about Monte Cassino and Polish cemetery that is located on the hill. It reminds of the battle that took place there and input of Polish troops in regaining the power by allies over the city of Rome.

Most important Polish male Saints of Middle Ages
The Poles pay a lot of attention to saints that are very often patrons and supporters of professions and cities. The article tells about most important make saints of Poland that influenced the country and believes of its citizens throughout the centuries.

Mountains of Poland
The south of Poland can boast of mountain ranges that attract numerous tourists. Three main ranges of Polish mountains offer various types of wild life. They attract tourists and funs of winter sports as the most popular resorts are usually situated at the feet of mountain ranges.

Mrs Walewska, Polish mistress of Napoleon
Although women are called the weaker sex, their love may influence the action of the greatest politicians of the world. One fine example is Mrs Maria Walewska, who became a mistress of Napoleon Bonaparte and was called by him his Polish wife.

Nativity Scene in Poland
The Christian tradition of building Nativity Scene is very old. Since ages people would build models. Some of them became pieces of art as they depicted local architecture, clothes and conditions more similar to those in Poland than in Bethlehem where Jesus Christ was born.

Old Good Marriage, sung Polish poetry
There is a big group of Poles who love so called ‘sung poetry’. These are songs, very often poems to which music has been composed, that have deeper meaning than nowadays music. One of the bands that is very popular – since 25 years – is called Stare Dobre Malzenstwo.

Operation Vistula
The operation was a part of the plan that aimed to decrease the number of Ukrainian population that inhabited southeastern part of Poland. It was preceded by exchange of citizens between Poland and Soviet Ukraine, that stayed within the two countries after the change of the borders.

Our Folks – one of the best Polish comedies
The story of two quarrelling families, Karguls and Pawlaks, that were resettled after the WW II, still brings laugh to older and younger generations. This fabulous comedy is one of the favourites in Poland.

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