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Partitions of Poland
It is hard to believe that a powerful country can one day simply vanish from the map. Partitions is a part of history of Poland that consisted of awaiting for independence. For 123 the Poles lived divided into 3 separate countries still kept hope for better future.

Piast the Wheelwright legend
Legends might be just simple stories told to explain some events in the past, but very often they include historic information or at least information passed on by our ancestors. The legend about Piast, the founder of first Polisg royal dynasty, goes back to times when the country was inhabited

Pisanka, Easter Egg
During Easter Holidays all the Poles attend the church to get their food blessed by the priest. The basket, full of food, cannot lack in eggs (symbol of new life). To show the joy of Easter, the Poles embellish Easter eggs in many ways, depending on the region they live in.

Planning genealogical research
Genealogical research might be very hard. But it can never be successful if you do not gather first all the important information that exists among your family. Ask people, check documents and letters to make your search in Poland easier.

Poland has its mermaid too!
Mermaid is a mythical creature that was popularised in various tales and histories. But Poland has also its own legend that says about half woman half fish who protects Warsaw till now. Its story is connected with a popular Polish legend.

Poles in the world of celebrities
In today’s world known names of historic individuals do not bring appreciation. The world and the actions are very often measured in accordance with number of articles in colorful magazines. The articles proves that Poles also take part in the world of celebrities.

Polish culture for children
Gaining knowledge on the country we do not live in is a hard task. As one does not have permanent contact with a given culture, the learning process is much slower. Therefore, it is the best idea to provide experience of the culture already in childhood.

Polish Culture Site Map
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Polish deceased young sport stars
The article is about young people who were famous for being sport stars in Poland. They gave their life to sport while sickness or accident took them away. Although they passed away, the Poles will surely remember their names and faces for a long time.

Polish Easter celebrations
The article describes main traditions and customs that are cultivated during Easter in homes of the Polish people. Get to know how the Poles spend Wielkanoc (Easter) – the most important period of Christian tradition.

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