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Polish economy and currency rate
Joining European Union by Poland brought many changes in the country. But the Poles are still to face the change of currency. However, till that moment changes of exchange rate of Polish Zloty influence Polish economy.

Polish female Medieval Saints
Polish saints described in this article were not always of Polish origin but they lived in Poland and were respected here thanks to their modest life and deeds. They came from prominent families but left the wealth behind and gave their life to God.

Polish immigrants in Great Britain
Joining European Union by Poland brought a lot of changes in the country. One of the most visible ones was a large group of emigrants who fled to Great Britain in search of better life. Through this their reality - as well as reality of Poland - changed.

Polish king who ran away
Henry of Valois never thought he would become king of Poland. His new homeland seemed oriental and new ruler too fashionable what brought cultural shock for both sides. Therefore when the opportunity of becoming the ruler of France arose, he ran away in disguise.

Polish language
Polish language belongs to the group of Western Slavonic languages and shares many similarities with Slovak or Kashubian. The article tells a brief history about Polish, its dialects and main differences between English grammar.

Polish names
The Poles used to use traditional names of Slavic origin. As the Christianity came, the new fashion appeared. Nowadays there are only few typical Slavic names in use, while other are adjusted to Polish transcription and pronounciation.

Polish princess in Scandinavian tales
Polish queens of Piast dynasty have been remembered as wives and sisters. Only few of them have been remembered as individuals that played a great role in the history. Although Swietoslawa did not play a great role in her country of origin, she has many mentions in Scandinavian Sagas.

Polish sweet main dishes
Sweetness may be associated with dessert. However, there is in Poland a great variety of sweet dishes that the Poles treat as the main meal of the day. In this article you may find some examples of Polish sweet cuisine.

Polish tribes
There are numerous tribes that used to inhabit the lands that are now within Poland. The article describes the most important ones, provides basic information mentioning also some of the important settlements and meaning of the names.

Polish TV series
Polish TV series

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