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Preschool Farm Theme Ideas
A popular preschool theme is Farm Animals. Check out these fun ideas you can easily implement at home or in a formal classroom setting.

Preschool Gross Motor Skills
Gross motor skills are essential to your preschooler's development. Come check out these fun ideas to promote the development of these important skills and learn what skills are age appropriate for your child.

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Preschool Pumpkin Activities
Celebrate the fall season with these pumpkin themed activities. You will quickly get into the fall mode with these activities.

School Readiness
Kindergarten readiness is such a hot topic among parents with preschoolers and toddlers. All parents want to know the simple answer to a basic question: Is my child ready for kindergarten? Followed by, how can I make sure my child is ready.

Simple Christmas Activities For Preschoolers
With all the craziness how do you bring joy into your preschooler’s Christmas season? Here are some quick, easy ideas that you can do with your preschooler to celebrate Christmas.

Simple Sensory Play
What is sensory play? Why is it important? Sensory play is a fun, engaging way for your preschooler to learn. Through these hands-on activities, your kiddo will develop linguistically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Check out these easy ideas.

Teach Your Child Shapes
Learning shapes is a preschool milestone that should be met before kindergarten.Your child's natural environment is full of shapes, so start teaching your child all about shapes without using flashcards. Get them moving with these simple activities and they will have their shapes mastered quickly.

The Importance of Print Concept Skills
Research has shown a direct correlation between a young child's print concepts skills and their future success in reading, spelling, and writing. Read to find out how you can teach your child these important skills.

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