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The Importance of Subitizing
Subitizing is being able to automatically identify the quantity of a set of objects without actually counting the objects. This is a very important skill in terms of number sense.

Understanding Reading Terminology
Are you overwhelmed at the thought of teaching your preschooler how to begin reading? The process can seem daunting if you are unfamiliar with key reading terminology. Come and learn what key reading terms mean along with some simple activities to develop these early literacy skills.

Using Children's Books For Learning
Reading books is a favorite past time for many preschoolers. Does your child have a favorite book that you read repeatedly? Use your child's favorite book as inspiration for a "day of fiction" to put a new spin on their most cherished book.

Water Table Play
Water tables are a great way to beat the summer heat. Set up a table today and watch your preschooler's imagination come alive. Check out these easy additions to add to the table to take their play to a whole new level.

Why Is Rhyming Important?
Without a doubt rhyming is a fun childhood game, often bringing on giggles and squeals as silly nonsense words are created. Still, the question begs to be asked: does rhyming serve an academic purpose? Or, is it merely a fun way to pass the time and be silly?

Winter Boredom Busters For Preschoolers
50 ways to help beat wintertime boredom.

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