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Songs of abortion 1992-1998
Songs about abortion from both sides.

Songs of abortion 1999-2005
Songs relating to abortion, either the pro choice or anti choice side.

Songs of Abortion from 2006-2010
A list of songs relating to abortion.

South Dakota 72hr abortion wait bill
If only the bill had been solely about a 72 hr wait.

Talking to your teens about sex
Whether you are pro choice or pro life doesn't matter, when it comes to talking to your teen about having sex. Here's a few things that do.

Texas implements forced ultrasound abortion law
The bullying of women and choice continues with more anti abortion legislation.

The benefits of condoms
The birth control that gets one of the worst raps, is actually one of the best.

The Candies Foundation
Celebrities help to shatter the image that teen pregnancy is cool.

The differences between pro choice and anti choice
In response to a readers question.

The Florida Abortion Ban
Legislation to ban abortion in Florida

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