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H.R 358 The Protect Life Act
Ironically, it jeopardizes many women's lives.

How to find a reputable abortion provider
What you need to know before you look in the phone book.

If these walls could talk- A movie review
A review of a movie about the struggles of choice and the women who make them.

International Women's Day
Mark your calendars for March 8th, to honor and empower women.

Intimate partner violence during pregnancy
Murder is the leading cause of death in pregnant women.

IRS Abortion Audits H.R. 3
A look at what the bill proposes and the congressional supporters behind it.

Is a pregnant woman's attempted suicide, murder?
An Indianapolis woman is charged with murder after a failed suicide attempt takes her unborn childs life.

It's time to vote, are you informed?
Our last look at female choice candidates before the election.

John Boehner and his Anti Choice Politics
A look at our next House minority Leader.

Kenya’s Restriction on abortion
A grim look at a country where abortion remains illegal.

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