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Common Pro-life Questions
When does a baby´s heart first beat? When does a baby have all of his or her life functions in place? Here are our answers to common questions about unborn babies.

December Pro-Life Letter To Write
Take time to write a letter supporting Pro-Life views.

Dutch Infant Euthanasia Rates Skyrocket
Original reports of infant euthanasia in the Netherlands were drastically understated.

Easy Loophole: The Mental Health Exception In Later-Term Abortion
Across the United States, a woman can walk into an abortion clinic and get a legal later-term abortion (usually 24+ weeks) that is illegal according to her state’s restrictions. Did she cross state lines or go to a back-alley clinic?

Ella, the 5-Day Emergency Contraceptive Pill
Learn about the ella, the five day emergency contraceptive pill. Read information on side effects, how the ella contraceptive pill works, and how it can be an abortion pill.

February Pro-Life Letter To Write
This month brings an immediate call to action.

Feminists For Life
Can you be a feminist and pro-life? This group is celebrating 30 years of working for human dignity and protecting life.

Feminists For Life
Read an overview of our Pro-Life Website Of The Month. Feminists For Life brings a refreshing twist to the battle to stop abortion by offering pregnancy resources and hard-hitting information on the devastating truths of the pro-choice movement.

Fetal Development in the Second Trimester
Find out what an unborn baby looks like and how his or her body develops during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Fetal Memory
Scientists recently proved fetal memory. The study released from the Netherlands indicates that babies at 30 weeks gestation can successfully be conditioned by a vibroacoustic sound repeated at ten-minute intervals. Learn more about this research and the history of fetal memory.

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