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Fetal Pain Researchers Are Biased
Recent admissions have brought to light a major conflict of interest in the controversial fetal pain study published in the Journal Of The American Medical Association. Did the researchers work with bias?

First Trimester Fetal Development
Fetal development is amazing during the first trimester, when most abortions occur. Read on to find out more about babies at that gestational age.

Focus On The Pro-Life Action League
HereĀ“s a refreshing take on opposing abortion. This organization puts a focus on peaceful demonstration and non-confrontational counseling for women.

Freedom of Choice Act Overview
The Freedom of Choice Act is an umbrella bill that permanently ensures all laws threatening Roe v. Wade will be overturned in favor of abortion. Learn about informed consent, waiting periods, and other key laws and strategies involved with the Act.

God Doesn't Make Mistakes
Steve Moser, of New Family Music has written to me about a unique song he had written for his wife about their three-year-old daughter, Anna, and their brush with abortion.

Holland's Euthanasia Of Newborn Babies
Holland has started using legal euthanasia on sick babies. Is it right and why are they doing it?

How to Help Pregnant Women in a Down Economy
Learn how to help expectant mothers and young families in this down economy with a unique hands-on approach that won't cost you loads of money.

How to Write a Pro-Life Letter
There is an art to writing affective letters. Here are some tips on how to make your voice heard.

I Don't Regret Having My Baby
Read on for a first-person account of a woman remembering her unplanned pregnancy experience. No graphic details are included, but it makes her confusion no less real. This is a must-read for any woman contemplating ending a crisis pregnancy with abortion.

Immediate Call To Action
Today the Senate votes on ending the Estrada filibuster. What can you do?

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