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Planned Parenthood's New Luxury Clinic
Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota is making it easier and more attractive to use its services starting this month. Find out how scented lotion and decorative pill cases are drawing in a whole new clientele to America´s leading abortion provider.

Possible Renewal Of Criminal Charges For Kansas Abortionist
Dr. George Tiller is very likely to be brought up on criminal charges regarding late-term abortions just months after the initial charges were dismissed.

Post-Abortion Triggers
Unbeknownst to many, women who have had abortions often experience a form of grief called triggers, sometimes called triggery. Read on for information to help you get your life - and your heart - back on track.

Premature Babies Can Feel Pain
A new study out of London has proven that very young babies can feel pain. What implications does this hold for the abortion industry?

Pressure Tactics in Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Do crisis pregnancy center use pressure tactics on women?

Pro-Life Celebrities
Hollywood and the music industry are notoriously pro-choice. Much lesser known are the pro-life celebrities, those that take the career-risking stance against abortion. Here are just a few who take a stand in the name of the unborn.

Pro-life Facts and Christianity
I´ve written a personal note to my readers on my philosophy about abortion and how it should be stopped. Learn how I´ll continue to give pro-life facts, studies, and information, while combining the information with my personal Christian and ethical beliefs.

Pro-Life Group Testifies Before Congress: Abortion Is Violating
Michaelene Fredenburg, President of Life Resource Network, testified before Congress on her abortion experience and its aftermath. Read the full story to see what she had to say about unexpected pregnancy and the resources that should be available to women everywhere.

Pro-Life Pulse, Great Blog Of The Week Review
Always on the lookout for well-researched material on abortion and the pro-life movement, I´ve found a great blog covering the topic by Jill Stanek.

Pro-Life Website Of The Week
Read what Ronald Reagan had to say about unborn babies back in 1982. That´s just one of the fascinating things you´ll find on our site of the week.

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