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Battlestar Galactica News Update
"Battlestar Galactica" is returning January 16, 2009. Here´s where you can find episodes you missed, or get a refresher on just what´s happened to date.

Below the "Surface" - Jonas Pate
In this final of three articles, series creator Jonas Pate discusses how he and his brother Josh imagine the story and the direction of NBC's newest scifi TV offering.

Below the “Surface”--Jay R. Ferguson
In this second of three articles, actor Jay R. Ferguson discusses the challenges and the excitement of his role investigating sea creatures on NBC´s scifi series "Surface."

Below the “Surface”--Lake Bell
In this first of three articles delving into the underwater world of NBC’s “Surface,” actress Lake Bell talks about what it’s like to play an oceanographer on this exciting new scifi TV series.

Best SciFi TV Catchphrases
TV Land has released its list of the greatest catchphrases and quotes on TV. They include a few scifi TV favorites, like "Danger, Will Robinson!" We think they missed a few--and are looking for other scifi TV quotes that may have been overlooked.

Big TV Networks Unveil Fall Schedules With Supernatural Twists
The fall TV season includes a few series of interest to scifi fans, such as the post-apocalyptic scenario of CBS´ "Jericho" or the "Groundhog Day"-like life of Taye Diggs in ABC´s "Day Break." What else is in store this fall? Check it out.

Book Review - Dark, Poetic Children of Men Provides Thoughtful Premise
The post-apocalyptic book Children of Men is not much like the movie, except for the main idea. But although the plot isn't particularly complex, the characters and language are, and it's a good book worth curling up with if you enjoy well-written science fiction.

Book Review - Finding Serenity
In our first Book Club book review, we look at "Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon´s ´Firefly.'"

Book Review - No Small Bills by Aaron Rosenberg
If you like scifi humor, you'll like No Small Bills, a novel detailing the adventures of a guy with a duck's head and a sharp tongue.

Book Review - Red Rising by Pierce Brown
The novel "Red Rising" by Pierce Brown is fast-paced and fun for fans of dystopian literature inspired by "The Hunger Games."

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