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'Click & Listen' Glossary
Alphabetical list of Spanish words with their English translations. Click on any Spanish word and listen to it.

‘Click and Listen’ – Animales mamíferos (Mammals)
Let´s learn how to pronounce the nouns of mammals in Spanish.

‘Click and Listen’ – Spanish Proper Nouns
So you want to know how these Spanish nouns are pronounced? Just click on them, listen and repeat!

¡Feliz año 2012!
This 2012 wishes tree in Spanish is my present for you. This article includes a list of vocabulary.

¡Feliz año 2012! – Spanish subjunctive
This article is based on last ¡Feliz año 2012! article, and includes the complete text, a video I created where you can hear me reading this text and some notes about Spanish subjunctive mood.

¡Vamos a cantar! Let's sing!
A nice and good way to learn new vocabulary and practice your Spanish is listening to a song and studying its lyrics...

¿De dónde eres? Where are you from?
Watch in realtime where you, visitors, come from! And, by the way, why don´t practice some related expressions? The Spanish Language forum is waiting for you!

¿Hablamos? Audio-Video chat with Angeles.
Free monthly online meetings with Angeles, to practice Spanish. Are you ready?

¿Qué hora es? What time is it?
Learn the basics on time expressions in Spanish.

50% off Spanish offer for Bellaonline readers!
Spanish language classes with Angeles. 50% off offer for Bellaonline readers. All you need is a micro and willling to learn Spanish.

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