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Live Spanish Meeting - Spanish verbs
New Live chat. This month, we'll talk about Spanish verbs. Join us!

Live Spanish Meeting. Conditional sentences
Meet us next 20th June/2010! We'll be talking about Spanish conditional sentences. And in case you have any question about this, we'll help you. Talk to you soon!

Live Spanish Meeting. Expressing feelings
Meet us next 18th July/2010! We'll be talking about Spanish expressions used to express feelings. And in case you have any question about this, we'll help you. Talk to you soon!

Need to review a Spanish document? Get the offer!
Get a 5% discount when reviewing your Spanish texts. Reviews include grammar, spelling and much more.

Negation - How to build negative sentences in Spanish.
Now that you know the basics on affirmative sentences, let´s go farther. Spanish negative sentences are not difficult to learn; there are just some rules we must follow.

No-Work Spanish, a review.
No-Work Spanish, listen to Spanish and learn.

Noche de Paz... Silent Night...
While I´m listening to this Christmas carol ("villancico", in Spanish), so popular also in Spain...

Numbers in Spanish.
Numbers are everywhere... Why don´t we learn today how to express quantities in Spanish?

Online Spanish Help Subscription
Maybe some of you need specific help about Spanish grammar, practice, pronunciation, etc. Spanish Meating Point is an affordable way to get your Spanish questions solved.

Placement of Direct and Indirect Object pronouns.
Where to place them when there are infinitives, gerunds or command forms, in the sentence?

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